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I had my first experience with Trance roughly a decade ago while I was in my infancy of the browsing the web. I came accross a song that struck me in a way I had never experienced with music. The song was Flaming June by BT, and it was the very awesome BT versus Paul Van Dyk Remix. I didn’t get into Trance at that time, but always kept the sound as a forethought in my mind. I eventually moved onto college and got access to some of my first DJ mixes. The earliest that I can remember was a promo mix from Mili Sefic, who my brother had managed to pickup in a mall near Chicago, IL. You can find that very mix here. From there I moved onto listening to the Tunnel Trance Force volumes. I eventually got to the point where I wanted to make my own mixes in order to sufficiently control the energy. Not having any money at the time I got into using some basic software to do very basic fades between songs, and that is where I began my DJing career. I eventually moved onto using Pioneer CD decks, and it wasn’t until 2006 where I began to actually get good with mixing songs. I currently do a lot of individual mixes and some internet radio shows, but my ultimate goal is to eventually get out of the bedroom and into clubs.

Favorite Producer: Suncatcher
Favorite DJ: Mili Sefic
Favorite Song: BT – Flaming June (PvD vs BT Remix)


  • 2 x Pioneer CDJ-900 CD Decks
  • Pioneer DJM-400 2 Channel Mixer
  • Apple MacBook Pro
  • M-AUDIO Audiophile USB
  • Sony MDR-V700 Headphones

Professionally I work as a computer scientist and researcher. I have a Ph.D. in Computer Science, a Masters of Software Engineering, and a Bachelors of Wireless Engineering from Auburn University, Auburn, AL.

You can e-mail me at info @

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