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Logic Studio 8 and OS X Lion

by on Aug.28, 2011, under Rants

I had recently upgraded my MacBook to Lion, and yesterday I wanted to record my birthday mix. I needed to get Soundtrack Pro since all of my equipment was dialed in for the proper levels to record in that. The software is rather annoying, but I digress. The problem was that Apple decided they no longer needed to support a $600 software on their latest and greatest piece of shit, so running the installer like anyone would normally do gives you a nice prompt about the software not being supported on Lion and something else about PPC. Great — I’m glad Apple likes to steal my money. Quoting Cartmen here “Well then can we at least pull up here and get some dinner? ‘Cause I like to be wined and dined after I’ve been FUCKED!”

If you investigate the issue you will see that anyone who merely upgraded their OS is able to run Logic and the applications from the command line, so it’s obviously not a compatibility issue. However, I did a clean install of Lion. The only problem then was how to install it without going through the headache of extracting each individual package on the disk. The answer:

cd /
sudo /usr/sbin/installer -pkg /Volumes/Logic\ Studio/Installer/LogicStudio.mpkg -target / -verbose

You will see this at the end of the install:
installer: Installer requests the "Jam Pack Content 1" disc. Multi disc installing is not supported.
installer: Failed to insert requested disc.installer: The upgrade failed (The Installer can’t locate the data it needs to install the software. Check your install media or Internet connection and try again, or contact the software manufacturer for assistance.)

The only way you’re going to get all the additional audio content discs installed is probably going to be a manual install for each of them. For example, I have the Jam Pack Content 1 disc loaded:

for f in /Volumes/Jam\ Pack\ Content\ 1/Installer/Packages/*.pkg; do sudo /usr/sbin/installer -pkg "$f" -target / -verbose; done

I noticed some things failed — for instance I don’t have GarageBand installed, and then there were a few that said it wasn’t a supported installation method.

The Audio Content discs appear to be capable of installing through the normal GUI methods.

I was then able to use everything as normal — though you will need to run Logic Pro first and enter your serial key so the rest of the supporting Applications will run off the systemid file that Logic created.

/Applications/Logic\\ Pro

I only tested a variety of the supporting applications, but these will run straight from Spotlight or double clicking the application:
Soundtrack Pro
Apple Loops Utility
Impulse Response Utility
Mainstage — starts up but there is a kernel read violation. Reloading it again and it seems to work just fine?

Hopefully this will help someone out.

Disclaimer: If this breaks your OS it’s not my fault.

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  • ambv

    You, sir, are a genius. Thank you for this.

    • The_Lully

      Hey guys. Could you please post a step to step guide on how to execute the instructions above. thing is I don’t even know where to type the script. i just recently got a macbook pro the came with OS Lion and i tried to install Logic as per normal. Logic 8 Express installed just fine, then i tried to upgrade and needless to say that just would not happen.



  • gregrenrie

    I entered all the codes you wrote and I think it went ok, I succeeded in installing the Jam Pack Content 1 and 2. The 3rd disc seems to be corrupt, as it kept spinning on and off, eventually showing up as an empty disc. I Tried copying it to an image, both in Toast and in Disc Utility, but this didn’t work either. I thought I’ll leave this disc til later. Anyway, the main problem is I can’t find the app Logic Pro, which means I must have done something wrong… Any help? /John

  • sonquilombo

    Hi every one,
    Thanks a lots for this…
    I have a problem when I tried to do the systemid, I wrote de code and received this message:
    /Applications/Logic\\ Pro
    -bash: /Applications/Logic Pro: No such file or directory
    Some suggestion?
    Thanks again

  • Lifted

    I just wanted to email you man, and just say THANK YOU!!!!! I’ve been looking online for the past hour (at least) trying to figure out this stuff in layers of dumb and arrogant answers like: “Buy Logic 9, Install Snow Leopard” ….you are AMAZING…point blank, shit I would send you a bottle wine if I knew where you lived. Maaaaaaaaaan…what a relief….point blank, you are AWESOME. Keep up the good work!

  • haakondahl

    I’m a geek, but one who has grown tired of having to to computer engineering each time I wish to do something on a computer.

    I feel your pain.

  • moonjockeky

    Hi Derek. I’m a terminal idiot, but I really need to install logic pro 8 on mountain lion. After taking awhile to get the code right (learning about terminal) I finally got a response beside “command not found.” I’ll past the response below.

    I have the original install DVDs.

    My main question is to make your code work, where do I need to copy the installer folder from the DVD to? Or do I not need to do that? I copied it to the desktop, which isn’t working.


  • moonjockeky

    sorry. here was the response I got…

    installer: invalid option Studio/Installer/LogicStudio.mpkg
    Usage: installer [-help] [-dominfo] [-volinfo] [-pkginfo] [-allowUntrusted] [-dumplog]
    [-verbose | -verboseR] [-vers] [-config] [-plist]
    [-file ] [-lang ] [-listiso]
    [-showChoicesXML] [-applyChoiceChangesXML ]
    [-showChoicesAfterApplyingChangesXML ]

    • Derek

      In my post, the -pkg option of the command /usr/sbin/installer needs to point to the path to where “LogicStudio.mpkg” resides. In my case, I had the disc inserted, so it was “/Volumes/Logic\ Studio/Installer/LogicStudio.mpkg”. Note that the “\” after Logic in the path is escaping the the space in “Logic Studio”.

  • moonjockeky

    Hey Derek. I got it to work and Logic Pro is working fine. The Audio content installed as normal. I got the jam pack to install through terminal as well. But I’m afraid that maybe there’s another step. In the instrument library, there’s a bunch of stuff that I used to have on my older computer that’s not there anymore.

    Any thoughts?

  • moonjockeky

    One other thing, I’m now remembering an issue I’ve had in the past when reinstalling on my old computer which is to do with “legacy content.” Could this be behind my issue?

    Thanks again by the way for the AMAZING fix that even allowed me to install.

    You are fantastic.

    • Derek

      Do you know of a specific instrument? It might have been one of the packages that indicated an invalid installation method, and we just need to trick it by manually extracting the package.

  • moonjockeky

    Being honest about my stupidity. Forgot there was a jam pack 2 and 3 (stuck in the box) installing those. Then I’ll let you know if I still have a problem.

    Thanks again awesome person.

  • ambv

    Unfortunately, like with all good things, they come to an end. With 10.9 Mavericks the tracks don’t refresh properly when the playhead moves. Logic X time?

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